Learn the English name of water knife cutting machine parts together

With the arrival of China's entry into the WTO in 2001 and the development of China's own economy, some foreign brand manufacturers have occupied the high-end market of domestic water knife cutting machines. On the other hand, there are also many domestic water knife manufacturers have gone abroad. In daily trade negotiation, inevitably involves the specification of water knife cutting machine parts English name of the problem, in this, the ground water knife for these professionals prepared some parts of the English name for your reference.

Intensifier: intensifier

Accumulator: accumulator/attenuator

Electro - hydraulic directional control valve: electro hydraulic diretional valve/directional control valve

Electro magnetic overflow valve

Motor: the motor

Oil pump: oil pump

Cooler: cooler

Oil accumulator: oil accumulator

O ring: O ring

Cylinder: low pressure cylinder

Piston for cylinder: piston assembly

End bell

High pressure cylinder: HP cylinder

High pressure cylinder end nut: end cap

Cylinder end cover tie rod: tie rod

Tie rod nut: tie rod nut

Magnetic switch

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