Founded in 1996, as the pioneer of ultra-high pressure water jet application technology in China and among the top list in the world, Dardi International Corporation is a national high-tech enterprise specialized in research and development, manufacturing, marketing, and technical service of ultra-high pressure water jet technology application products, and has built up the Machinery Industry Ultra-high Pressure Waterjet Engineering Laboratory”, the Ultra-high Pressure Waterjet Engineering Technology Research Center”, the “Postgraduate Workstation”, and the “Post-doctoral Practice Base”. 

        Based on the experience in research and development and manufacturing accumulated over past thirty years, as well as the lessons learned from the application by more than 12,000 users, Dardi takes the promotion of the ultra-high pressure waterjet technology application as its own responsibility, and improves the research and development innovation mechanism and puts forward new ideas continuously, and owns more than 100 patents related to ultra-high pressure water cutting and water cleaning. 

        The products manufactured by Dardi are not only sold all over the country, but exported to more than sixty countries and regions including the United States, Canada, Brazil, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, Poland, the Middle East, India, Vietnam, Singapore, and Southeast Asia; furthermore, Dardi has established the marketing service center in Europe and South America. so far, approximately 11,000 sets of products manufactured by Dardi have been put into service in such fields as electric power and new energy, petrochemical industry, high-speed rail, automobile, medicine, textile, food, chemical industry, printing, packaging, engineering machinery, ship building and repair, electronics, transportation, construction, decoration, metal, carbon fiber, glass fiber, chemical fiber, leather, plastic, cloth, paper, glass, ceramics, and stone.

        Currently, in addition, the Company is applying the ultra-high pressure water jet technology to food sterilization and preservation, biological pharmacy, medical care and public health, manufacturing of large aircraft, excavation of engineering tunnel, and construction and restoration engineering of road and bridge, and innovating the new application areas of the waterjet continuously.