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Dardi Intemational Corporation is a hih-tech company that is currently in the leading position in China with lobal infuence in the professional R8Dproduction, sales and techical services of ultra-high pressure water jet technology appications. With more thar 10,000 ustomers and products al overthe world, Dardi is the world's most compettive producer of ultra-high pressure application products and equipments, In 1996, China's first water cutterwas produced by Dardi.


With almost 30 years of extensive industry experience


A customer base of 10,000 and over 12,000 units of equipment.


Selling products to more than  60 countriest

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Exhibition Name: Fantech 2023 Mexico - Metal Processing and Welding Exhibition


Expomafe 2030 is the largest international industrial exhibition in Brazil and the South American region. For this exhibition, Flow is the only company participating with our waterjet technology, while laser technology takes the main stage with fierce competition. Over 30 laser manufacturers are participating, with 90% of them being domestic companies such as Dadi, Bond, Lixin, Jinwei, and Dazu. Throughout the exhibition, we distributed over 300 informational materials and collected more than 100 customer information. We also successfully signed 5 laser intent contracts, achieving impressive results.

Exhibition Name: Expomafe 2030 - Brazil Industrial and Machine Tools Exhibition


Fantech 2023 Mexico City, organized by the North American Association of Precision Forging, is a specialized exhibition focused on metal forming, precision instruments, metal processing and precision casting and forging, metal sheet, pipe, profile, and wire cutting, stamping, shaping, fabrication technologies and equipment, as well as welding. Previously held only in the United States, the association has now expanded its presence to the Mexican market. Cutting equipment includes CNC cutting machines, plasma and laser cutting machines, metal cutting machine tools, metal sheet cutting machines, processing centers, shearing machines, hydraulic cutting machines, wire cutting machine tools, and pipe cutting machines.

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