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Automotive glass


Automotive glass



Automobile glass

  Nowadays, glass is used more and more in all walks of life. On the one hand, it promotes the development of glass industry, on the other hand, it also puts forward more diversified demands for glass industry and glass products. The addition of waterjet cutting technology provides a quick and convenient solution for the diversity of glass products. Glass is fragile, and there is a lot of waste of materials in mechanical cutting, while thermal cutting methods such as laser and plasma are seldom used, and manual cutting is inefficient, which makes it difficult to cut curved lines and complex graphics. And waterjet cutting has the following advantages: for flat glass, waterjet knife cutting can be processed out of any geometric figure; The cutting size is accurate and beautiful, and the incision is frosted; No heat is generated during cutting, no scratches are caused at the cutting seam, safety, environmental protection, easy or even no need for reprocessing; It can cut and punch any curve without mold, flexible and convenient, workpiece does not need special clamping, and operation is simple and convenient; The cut seam is only 1mm, the cut surface is smooth, smooth, without explosive edge, the cutting range is wide, and the thickness of the cut glass can reach 100mm; Because waterjet cutting is non-contact cutting, it will not cause glass breakage; Especially for the cutting of laminated glass (that is, one layer of plastic is sandwiched between two layers of glass), The traditional machining method with diamond tools is difficult to align the upper and lower glass slits, It is difficult to cut the glue layer in glass, and it is difficult to apply it in the processing of this kind of material because of the stretching and shrinkage deformation of the glue layer on the cut surface. However, there is no deviation in cutting three layers of different materials with ultra-high pressure waterjet cutting machine, and the performance of the materials is not affected, thus overcoming the above technical problems well.

  Waterjet cutting has been widely used in home appliance glass, automobile glass, bathroom glass and architectural decoration glass. In the home appliance glass industry, water knives are used to cut range hood panels, gas stoves, refrigerators, air-conditioning display glass, microwave oven panels, TV panel frames, etc. In the automotive glass industry, waterjet cutting can be used for cutting and opening the front and rear windshields, window glass and door glass of cars, buses, trucks and even agricultural vehicles; In the architectural decorative glass industry, waterjet cutting machines can be used for cutting and opening curtain wall glass, door and window glass, sun room glass, glass door clamp, shower room glass door handle hole, glass basin, etc. In interior decoration, various special-shaped, complex shapes and patterns of glass are also cut by waterjet cutting machines.