Water knife cutting and water knife scrabble are not the same thing

With water knife used more and more, the application field of more and more widely, more and more people know the water knife this technique, but water knife cutting and cutter what are the similarities and differences of spelling a flower is estimated, few people know that today we have to give you the popular science.

Water knife cutting and water knife spreader are both machining processes using water knife as equipment. Even so, there is a big difference between the two processes, especially in the operation results. Let professional water knife manufacturers to introduce you to a water knife cutting and water knife spend.

Water knife cutting is more flexible, the greatest advantage compared with other cutting way is capable of any material for any curve of one-time cutting processing, that is to say, the implementation of it will not be restricted by material type. And in the cutting process will not produce heat and harmful substances, so it is a safe, environmentally friendly way of processing.

And although water knife Mosaic is also cutting, but there is a purpose in cutting, in order to make the material into a variety of different patterns. When water is pressurized to a certain extent and a high velocity jet is formed through the nozzle every day, it only needs to add proper abrasive to cut stone, metal and other materials. In order to ensure the cutting effect, the cutting edge of the water knife must be very smooth in the process of cutting.

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