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Beautiful SLATE - a brief discussion on water knife Mosaic technology

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In many places in the concept of using modern architectural design, we can see the floor, smallpox is the use of the beautiful natural stone material, and not a normal original whole piece of stone, b

In many places in the concept of using modern architectural design, we can see the floor, smallpox is the use of the beautiful natural stone material, and not a normal original whole piece of stone, but a piece of stone has a different color, decorative pattern, it is water knife process after cutting the stone material of spelling a flower, the graceful and different colors represent different appeal, all show the noble taste.

Water spelling a flower that USES water cutter machine cutting plate, spelling a flower is a kind of common stone spelling a flower plate cutting way spelling a flower, water knife machine is a kind of advanced and unique processing method of the equipment, the randomness of the blocking, without being limited by the processing difficulty, in both the machining efficiency and machining quality, adornment effect is on the current difficult spelling a flower is the most ideal processing equipment.

Stone water knife stone processing principle of spelling a flower is: using the computer aided drawing software (CAD) and computer numerical control (CNC) programming software people designed by CAD patterns into NC program, and then the transmission of NC programs to CNC water cutting machine, according to design requirements will be selected after all sorts of natural stone material, each in CNC water cutting machine cut into independent graphical component. Then, each stone pattern part is manually spliced, repaired and glued into a whole, and finally polished and polished, so as to complete the whole water knife Mosaic processing.


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