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About the selection of water knife cutting machine

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As the saying goes, if you want to do good work, you must first use your tools. Only when you have the right tools and the right tools can you work with ease and efficiency.

As the saying goes, if you want to do good work, you must first use your tools. Only when you have the right tools and the right tools can you work with ease and efficiency.

Water knife (high pressure water jet cutting machine) is a processing tool. The standard of a good tool is: high efficiency, durability, low failure rate and low cost.

Step 1: look at the cutting efficiency.

Cutting efficiency includes cutting quality and cutting speed. The lower the cutting speed, the higher the cutting quality.

Take the same material to several water knife manufacturers to try cutting, and then compare: under the same cutting quality, who can cut faster; At the same cutting speed, the quality of the incision is high. The minimum requirement for cutting is cutting off the material. Cutting speed is a reliable indicator of comparison.

Step 2: be durable.

The main fault of water knife is high pressure system. Each water knife manufacturer product performance is distinguished clearly from this.

The quality of high pressure cylinder, accumulator, high pressure plunger, unidirectional body plug, high pressure seal, one-way valve and other components directly determines the failure rate of water knife. The longer these parts last, the better.

Step 3: compare maintenance and maintenance costs.

At present, there is no common standard for water knife, and the parts are not interchangeable. Moreover, the high pressure parts of water knife are limited service life. Therefore, when buying water knife, we should not only see the price of the whole machine, but also see the price of accessories. Not only should see the unit price, but also combine the service life to calculate the comprehensive use cost carefully.

In short, users can ignore such indicators as pressure, traffic and accuracy, and just see and hear what they see and hear in the contract.


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