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The best cutting technique is water

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Industrial gas flame cutting, plasma arc cutting, laser cutting, ultrasonic cutting, high pressure water jet cutting. With so many modern cutting techniques, which is the most versatile?

Industrial gas flame cutting, plasma arc cutting, laser cutting, ultrasonic cutting, high pressure water jet cutting. With so many modern cutting techniques, which is the most versatile?

Water knife, water knife. It is not hard to imagine that a water knife is a soft knife. However, ordinary water can easily cut off a thick steel plate, can carve all kinds of metal pieces, but it is hard to imagine.

Different from traditional tool, water knife is the only cold high energy beam machining technology in the world. Compared with traditional processing methods, the advantage of water knife reflects in: can cut any materials and without thermal damage, small kerf, burr, cutting force is small, the clamping is simple, easy to machining slender and elaborate artifacts, cutting, cooling liquid pollution, need not change. Compared with the laser processing, the water knife equipment is cheaper, it can cut more kinds of materials, the cutting thickness is larger, the workpiece has no burn, and the cutting process has no gas emission. Compared with electric spark wire cutting, water knife cutting speed is 10 times faster, and can cut conductive and non-conductive materials.

Smart water knives fill the gap

Since 1968, when the first patent since the advent of high pressure water jet cutting system, high pressure water knife has experienced more than 40 years of development, has been to high pressure, high precision, high intelligent way of one-stop processing. High precision and high intelligence are the development trend of water knife, which is mainly reflected in the application of water knife from original breaking material to machining of mechanical parts. At present, high-voltage intelligent water knife has been widely used in aerospace, automobile, locomotive, steel, papermaking, food, art, various equipment processing workshops and other fields. Boeing and airbus have extensive use of the intelligent water cutter for machining, and in recent years the rapid development of rail transit in our country (train, light rail, subway, etc.) of the locomotive parts processing, intelligent water knife also has been widely used.


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