Water spatula also has two big categories

As something of a water knife became known, many manufacturers began to use it. Water knife Mosaic is mainly used in stone, metal and so on, so today we bring you two main categories of water knife Mosaic.

1. Water knife stone (marble spelling a flower cutting machine) : water knife stone (marble cutter) spelling a flower is the most common on the market at present water knife, spelling a flower is to use water knife will need all sorts of color of stone cut into shape, then use glue patchwork. Marble, granite, jade and artificial stone are all good materials. Current stone (marble spelling a flower cutting machine) is mainly used in the star hotel, shopping malls, villas, home of the sitting room, dining-room and porch, is currently the stone decoration works best in the most gorgeous noble decorative products.

2. The metal knife spelling a flower: water used to water the main metal knife spelling a flower are two kinds of stainless steel and copper, due to its high price, colour also is single, the present stage mainly produces some company or hotel brand, another is served with stone to combine some spelling a flower design.

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