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Water knife cutting: unbreakable

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Water knife cutting is the world's fastest-growing major machine tool processing technology because of its versatility and ease of operation. The manufacturers realized that, in fact, the water knife

Water knife cutting is the world's fastest-growing major machine tool processing technology because of its versatility and ease of operation. The manufacturers realized that, in fact, the water knife cutting and processing capacity is unlimited. Processing workshops of all sizes are aware of the higher efficiency and productivity associated with the use of ultra-high pressure water knives. Water knives have become machine tools in many processing workshops. Because the technology of adding sand and water knife was first invented by flor in the 1980s, it has rapidly entered the continuous research and development.

Anything is possible

What makes water knife technology so popular? Water knife requires a few auxiliary operation, without heating area, no thermal deformation or other cutting methods can produce mesh parts caused by mechanical deformation, can processing and narrow the gap, to make better use of raw materials, because multiple parts can be fastened to the nested together. The actual knife can cut any material and keep the cut smooth and smooth. These advantages add up to significant cost savings per component in the industry, which has traditionally been defined as production per hour.

Water knife cutting offers many advantages to various manufacturers. Highlights include:

Unparalleled versatility

Water knives can be used for many purposes. No matter what shape, size or material, simple, easy-to-use software can provide a valuable variety of USES for your business.

Ability to expand

Regardless of what kind of business - you committed to automotive, aerospace, stone material and ceramic tile, tool and mould, manufacturing or processing workshops, you can be in the region of the need for heating under the condition of about 8 inches thick metal, stone, plastic, composite materials, glass, ceramics or rubber to cut, and edge quality is very good.

Reduce material and production costs

Water knives require the least tooling, so they save you valuable time in the workshop. The edge of water knife cutting is accurate and smooth, which can tighten the nesting, save the waste, and maximize the cost of using the material.

Improving existing technologies

The current trend is to add water knives to equipment workshops as a complement to other cutting techniques, such as EDM, laser, milling machines and plasma processing. At the same time that each workshop has its own requirements for cutting projects, most people find that water knives are of great help to their productivity and profits.


When forced through small openings to raise water pressure to 60,000 PSI, it can cut all kinds of soft materials, such as food, paper, baby diapers, rubber and foam. When a small amount of sand, such as pomegranate sand, is inserted into the water jet, the sand knife can cut any hard material, such as steel, compounds, stones and glass.


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