- 2022

· In 2022, Dardi was rated as a professional, unique, special and superior small and medium-sized enterprise in Jiangsu.

· “TBM shield tunneling machine ultra-high pressure water cutting assisted rock breaking system” was identified as the first (set) of major equipment product in Jiangsu.


- 2020

· The ultra-high pressure homogenizer was developed successfully

· A number of five-axis products, including models AB50, AB10, AC90 and AC60, were launched in the market successfully .


- 2019

· “TBM shield tunneling machine ultra-high pressure waterjet assisted rock breaking system” was developed and used in tunneling construction.


- 2018

· As a project under National 863 Program, the Aircraft Envelope Double Five-axis Large Waterjet Machining Center passed the acceptance test.


- 2013

· The four-axis waterjet was developed successfully.

· The acceptance of the technology transformation project in Jiangsu was completed  .


- 2010

· The first large modularized multi-head waterjet in the world was developed.

· The national standard for waterjet machine was issued .


- 2008

· American FLOW Company joined.

· The research and development results were achieved at Waterjet Machining Center .

· The five-axis waterjet was developed successfully.


- 2007

· The national standard for “ultra-high pressure waterjet machine” was drafted.

· A key project under the National Torch Program was awarded.


- 2003

· Research and development of 60K ultra-high pressure system.

· The first robot waterjet in China came into being.


- 2002

· The first set of waste ammunition destruction system in China was developed successfully.

· The industrial standard for waterjet was prepared.


- 1999

· The products manufactured by Dardi were exported to Europe.

· The ultra-high pressure laboratory was established.


- 1996

· Dardi International Corporation was incorporated .

· The first waterjet in China was developed successfully .