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Equipment name: three-axis cantilever type water cutting machine Equipment model: dwj1313-fb Cutting accuracy: 0.10mm Drive mode: servo motor drive Control mode: digital control




Product description

Three shaft cantilever water cutting machine platform: DWJ1313, DWJ1525, DWJ2030, DWJ2040 and so on. The movement mechanism of the machine is separated from the cutting platform without any influence, and the space of loading and unloading is large, especially suitable for the case of irregular material size and unfixed loading and unloading mode.




产品参数 / Parameters

型号:DWJ1313FB 工作台尺寸:X轴:1400mm;Y轴:1400mm
切割行程:X轴:1300mm Y轴:1300mm Z轴:150mm
驱动方式:交流伺服 重复定位精度:±0.025mm
最大运行速度:20m/min 控制系统:ESA
切割精度:±0.1mm 电源:220/380/415VAC,3P,50/60HZ


Solid and reliable bed design
The cantilever balance design occupies less space and is convenient to use.
Well-designed full casting structure, solid and stable, with higher strength;
The main components of the national brand, quality first - class, reliable work.
Leading the industry in detail
Centralized automatic lubrication design, humanized design, equipment maintenance automation;
Strong and durable brand chain, flexible movement, high quality sensor;
To provide reliable soft limit for machine tool, safety is guaranteed.
A carefully crafted new approach
The guide of machine tool adopts maze waterproof and sand proof, with soft curtain, double professional protection.
3m above travel machine adopts nut structure transmission, long distance transmission is more reliable;
The use of international brand high quality ball screw and guide rail to ensure high precision parts processing, transmission balance, durable.


产品特点 / Features