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Ultra-High Pressure Water Milling Machine

product description

A new generation of hair-bending machine - the latest and most efficient processing equipment for square stone, exterior wall brick and matt stone

Different from the flamed slate processing, the water milling machine can generate the high-speed water arrows through a special high-pressure water nozzle to crush the natural crystals on the surface of stone, and then form a uniform and detailed bump surface with the adjustable thickness, and fully show the texture pattern and gloss of natural stone, which will be ideal as a high-grade decorative material.

Without addition of any abrasives, the pure water can be only used to directly impact the marble and granite surfaces;

The working pressure is up to 300MPA;

The flushing and stripping of high-pressure water ensures the natural pure sheen of water-milling plate;

No color change due to high temperature or chemical corrosion;

The high-speed rotating nozzle is specially designed, with scanning width up to 400mm;

The outflow capacity is up to 28L/MIN, the impact force is large and washing efficiency is high;

Without burning and addition of any chemicals, the natural crystal color of stone can be efficiently retained, and it is safe and environmentally friendly.

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