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DWJ3020-BB Bridge Type Waterjet Cutting Machine

product description

The pure water cutting has a faster cutting speed compared to abrasive cutting, so that it is particularly suitable for the cutting of various soft base materials and composite materials such as plastics, synthetic building boards, foams, rubbers, and leathers. The pure water cutting has played a significant role in the application of interior parts such as car roofs and carpets, and therefore it has become a brand-new solution for the molding and cutting of automotive interior parts.

DRW robot space water cutting system consists of robot system, ultra-high pressure pump, pure water cutting table, workbench, vacuum adsorption and wastewater waste separation and discharging system, safety protection system, electrical control system, industrial water cooler, soft water and other optional systems. DRW adopts a high-precision 6-axis water-cutting robot as an actuator, with the ultra-high pressure pump as cutting energy and the molds as the workpiece positioning, and utilizes the pure water cutting method to achieve the edge contour cutting, positioning and punching of interior trim parts, and separate the workpieces from waste materials. All the processing is completed at one time. DRW robot water cutter is mainly used for cutting the irregular space curves, with the advantages of high efficiency, smooth incision and good consistency. It also has good applicability due to extremely high intelligent design and flexible control. The replacement of positioning mold allows the replacement of processed products, so that it is ideal for cutting small-volume and multi-species products. In addition, DRW also has many advantages such as energy saving, environmental protection, economical efficiency, reliability, and easy operation and maintenance.

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