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  In the ceramic processing industry, the traditional cutting method is usually saw blade cutting, which can only cut straight lines. When cutting curves, the template meeting the size requirements should be made first, and after preliminary cutting, it is realized by manual grinding, which is not flexible, noisy, dusty and inefficient. The advantages of waterjet cutting ceramics are obvious: firstly, the incision is flat and the cutting quality is high, and the phenomenon of "edge explosion" will not be formed on the upper edge of the incision after cutting; Secondly, the cutting accuracy is high, the cutting accuracy reaches 0.1 mm, and the seams are uniform, which can be used to make very complex and beautiful jigsaw puzzles and murals. The cutting efficiency is fast, the product consistency and interchangeability are good, and the automatic nesting function can be realized, the working environment can be improved, and the influence of dust and noise on operators can be reduced. Ultra-high pressure waterjet cutting can complete the cutting of any complex shape at one time, which provides an effective tool for artistic creation. It is widely used in large-scale buildings and home decoration, and greatly improves the grade of decoration.